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The stories of Tom Fowler, a United States Navy Commander, SMU professor, HR leader, President of United Way in Tyler, TX, mentor, husband, father, and grandfather.


My grandfather, whom all of the grandchildren referred to as "Papa Tom" had always been a humorous and well-respected man that was a storyteller at heart. For around a decade he battled cancer, which had its ups and downs, sometimes looking better than others. Early in 2018 as he sat with me sharing stories from his younger years, I had the idea to produce a documentary about his life of adventure. From July 16th to July 18th, 2018, I recorded video where he told stories from different parts of his life. I then collected and organized various objects and photos from around his house to include alongside his storytelling. After spending a little over a week editing, we watched the finished movie with Papa Tom.


Though it could never tell his full story, the film below captures the essence of his charm and wisdom.

In Loving Memory of Tom Fowler

December 12, 1939 - August 28, 2018

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